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Tremonia Mobility – The world's leading minibus manufacturer.

Premium minibuses for public transport, shuttle and tourist traffic are our core competence - for more than 20 years. In our new independence as Tremonia Mobility GmbH, our origin as part of Mercedes-Benz is also a promise of quality for us. 

As a flagship manufacturer for Sprinter buses, our plant in Dortmund meets the entire spectrum of individual transport requirements for 4 to 38 passengers. ​

With this know-how, we are now expanding our brand competence to include Crafter M1 minibuses for Volkswagen AG.

Pioneering by tradition.

Environmentally friendly, efficient and customizable: With more than 25,000 minibuses made in Dortmund to date, we are part of the change towards sustainable mobility solutions - in more than 30 countries. Tremonia Mobility buses, including the variants with combustion engines, generally have better CO2 balances than electrically operated large buses with low passenger occupancy. 

Tremonia is the Latin name for Dortmund. It's a clear nod to our origins.

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Our solutions

Tremonia minibus regular service


„If we realize that a route can be better served with a minibus, we talk to the people in charge at the district and try it together...“

Thorsten Karrie, operator

Route transport
66,000 km per year
Fuel savings
Tremonia minibus public bus


„If a big bus serves a route instead of minibuses, the residents complain immediately.“


120 tons of CO² saved
60,000 km per year
6 Sprinter City 75 minibuses in use